2018 Special Guests!

Wendy Powell

Wendy Powell is a native of Texas and resides in Dallas with her husband Todd, her son Charlie, and their lab Janie. She has steadily worked as a professional actress since graduating from Texas Christian University in 1993, and is an alumna of the Walt Disney World College Program. She has also worked on commercials, television, radio, print, film, industrial videos, and of course, anime voice-overs. Her other great passion is teaching; she has taught middle school theatre for 6 years, and is grateful every day for all that her students teach her about life.

Wendy is best known for her work at Funimation Entertainment and Okatron 5000. Her most notable roles are Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist and Ilena from Claymore.

Wendy’s list of beloved characters that she has voiced over the years range from teachers to demons, which is what she loves most about voice acting!

Wendy is excited to share her love of acting with the kiddos and adults alike, and is looking forward to meeting all of you.

Queen Dee

Make way for Queen D! The self-proclaimed southern queen of crossplay! (What a mouthful!) You may recognize her from her wildy unsuccessful YouTube show the Dlist! Queen D is a thirteen year seasoned cosplay veteran, emcee, and burlesque performer! Known for her wild antics and insane style of hosting shows, causing general chaos, and eating chicken nuggets!

A known makeup artist, she has traveled all over the country blessing peasants…Uh…attendees with her shenanigans. She hosts a variety of panels throughout the day teaching general cosplay knowledge, stage presence, posing, and makeup! Known as the queen of late night at conventions, she is infamous for her 18+ panels so be sure to attend if you are of age! Queen D is insanely hype to be a guest at this year’s SoDak for the first time ever! (Hide all the donuts)

Firaga Fox

Firaga Fox has been cosplaying for several years now and won many awards, becoming adept in fabric work, prop making, and the overall creation of characters.

Growing up a fan of video games, cartoons,and anime, she’ll school you in Zelda and Gundam trivia, while splatting you in a match of Splatoon.

Carl Martin

Carl Martin, owner and operator of Shinka Studios is a Professional Prop Maker and Cosplayer from Texas. Well known for his appearance on Heroes of Cosplay, Carl travels the United States and other countries as a Cosplay Guest, judging contests, teaching at panels, and using his years of experience to better the community. He has been featured multiple times by Kotaku, Cosplay in America, Forbes, Game Informer, and many more outlets. Carl and his studio have also served as both creators and consultants for short films, companies, and studios such as RoosterTeeth and many others.


Pixie is a DFW based cosplayer that has been cosplaying for eight years and just recently retired as the Cosplay Head from SoDak Con which he had been doing for five years. While he dabbles in everything, his favorite things to cosplay are girls in big pretty dresses or ridiculously dressed boys. You can find him and his cosplay at Dustling Cosplay on Facebook.