Panel Rules

Panels are some of the best ways to spend your time at SoDak Con! You get to meet great people that like the same thing that you do! Do you have a panel that you would love to present? Read these rules and when February 1st, 2018 comes, fill out the application.

We support all fandoms so as long as your panel is a form of a geekery it will be allowed. Here are some ideas for panels.
Klingon: Making your own Klingon Prosthetic
Join the Herd: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic
Cosplay 101
Steampunk: Make Your Persona
Hail Hydra: No Supers allowed
Magical Girls Throughout the Ages

Remember, if no one puts in for panels, none will be there. So if you want a certain panel, have you thought of running the panel yourself?

The max length for a panel is two hours. These panels will be rare and are for panels that need that much time. Please do not ask for more time then needed.

Discussion of adult content is permitted, but only during panels designated “18+” and and will be scheduled after 10:00 PM. All panels with a “18+” rating will be required to have ID checked at the beginning of the panel. We also will ask that each panel room is emptied out before we can ID all participants in said panels. You must be 18 or older to run an 18 plus panel. No exceptions. 18 plus rating by the FCC is defined as No One 17 and Under Admitted. Clearly adult. Children are not admitted.

Another thing to notate is if there are any disturbances within your panel, meaning an attendee to your panels is interrupting and causing problems, do not hesitate, contact Con Security as soon as possible to take care of the problem.

Panels have gotten bigger and bigger every year, because of this, this application is by no means a guarantee that you will have this panel. Application acceptance time is February 1st, 2018- May 1st, 2018. Confirmations will not be sent until the week after the cut-off date May 1st, 2018.

No changes will be allowed to your panel after you have received a confirmation. The only exception would be extreme cases, i.e. if a panelist has an emergency making it impossible for them to make it to SoDak.

The only equipment that SoDak Con can provide to panelist are Speakers, Projectors and Screens. We are unable to provide laptops and dvd players.

Every hour of panel programming done, the two main hosts of the panel will receive $10 off for next year’s registration, topping off at $30 for a free badge for SoDak Con 2018. If there is only one panelist, then it is just the single $10 off each hour of programming.

To receive the discount for the following year, you must check in at the Panel Check In, and Check Out as well to confirm that the panel was completed.

If you’d like to attend any major events at SoDak Con, you may choose up to three events in the application. We’ll do our best to avoid scheduling you against those events, but we make no promises.

All Panelist must check in at the sign up area at least four hours before their panels. Also you must check out after you have done your panels. If you fail to do this you will not receive your coupon or loot bag. You will also be noted as not a primary panelist for future SoDak Cons.

If you have been confirmed as a panelist, and you fail to show up to SoDak Con, or not do any of your panels, you will not be allowed to do panels for at least the next year’s SoDak Con.

All panelists must be pre-registered for SoDak Con in order to submit a panel. Panels will not be accepted unless the panelists that submit them have already secured a badge for SoDak Con.

SoDak Con accepts no responsibility for the content of panels hosted by its attendees. SoDak Con does not extend any form of legal protection to panelists. Panelists are wholly responsible for the content presented in their panels.