October 21st, 2017

Cedar Canyon Camp

6pm to Midnight


Ballroom Lessons

45 minutes before doors open, get the basics.


Capture your evening with our one of a kind green screen vendor. Choose between hundreds of backdrops and work with our professional photographer!

Silent Auction

Rare, and one off collectors opportunities!

Royal Court

Enter to be a part of the nights Royal Court!

Royal Court

The royal court will consist of a King, a Queen, A Princess, A Prince, And The Royal Court (2-6 attendants of the Royal Court) The King and Queen will win tickets to next years SoDak Con and next year’s Masquerade Ball. The Princess and Prince will win Tickets to next year’s Masquerade Ball. And All members of the Royal Court will receive certificates to commemorate their ascension to royalty.

After checking in at Registration, enter at the Contest booth. (from 7-8:30pm) Your pictures will then be taken for individual judging by a panel of staff members. (Royal Court applicants will enter as a group.)

Winners will be announced during the ball (approx. 9:30). Must be present to win.

Now the question that will invariably pop up, is this a cosplay competition? Kinda, but not in the usual sense. Meaning that you do not have to have made your outfit, and you don’t even have to be a recognizable character. Who is selected to be the Royal Court will all be down to who looks the part most. Who looks like the Queen of the party? Who looks like the King of the Party? The other question I know that you are thinking about at the moment is, is it gender based? No. We will base it on who looks the part, who carries themselves like royalty, not based on the gender they portray or are biologically.

Dress Code and Rules for SoDak Con’s Masquerade Ball

Please note: By registering online or at the door, you are agreeing to follow the dress code guidelines. If you are denied admittance into the dance for not meeting dress code, your registration fee will be refunded. SODak Con will not reimburse any additional costs you may have incurred to attend this event.

All final dress code decisions are at the sole discretion of the SoDak Con staff.

Never appropriate. You will be turned away at the door if you wear the following: rave pants, denim, khaki, shorts, street clothes (jeans, tshirts, etc..), and dresses shorter than cocktail length (no more than two inches above the knee, no matter the style).

Minimum Dress. If you don’t plan on wearing a semi-formal costume, the minimum requirements are as follows. Crossplaying? Please follow the requirements for your chosen gender.

Male: A long-sleeve, button-up business/dress shirt, trousers/slacks and a:

  • Tie or bowtie* AND
  • Sports coat OR
  • Suit jacket OR
  • Vest.

* If the button-up shirt has a mandarin-style or banded collar, a tie is not required.

You must have all required elements to enter the dance.

Female: A nice dress or a nice top/blouse with trousers/slacks/skirt. The dress must be at least cocktail length: no more than two inches above the knee, no matter the style. If you have to tug it down, it’s not long enough. No t-shirts, rave pants, beach dresses, swimsuit covers, lingerie/nightgowns or anything see-through.

For Cosplay/Crossplay: How would your character look if he/she were going to a prom, wedding or a part of royal court?

There’s a lot of room for creativity here, and to put your own original spin on characters. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Dress length: Floor length is desired, but knee length to cocktail length (no more than two inches above the knee, no matter the style) is also acceptable.

Period Clothing: Ascots, capes, and knee-length breeches/breeks/culottes (with appropriate leg coverings) are acceptable.

Cultural Dress: Garments deemed formal to that particular culture, such as formal kimonos, kilts worn with formal evening wear, Senatorial togas/stolas (no bedsheets or unhemmed fabric, must be accompanied with a tunica and other formal Roman elements), etc. are acceptable.

Lolita dress is also acceptable, provided the skirt length matches our requirements.

Military Style Dress: Formal style military dress uniforms are acceptable. Utility uniforms are not.

Props: Props are allowed, but standard SoDak Con prop rules still apply. There will be a “mini ops” table set up to handle all peace bonding needs.

Masks Masquerade style masks are not required, but highly encouraged!

Shoes Female: dressy, open-toed shoes are acceptable. (Close-toed shoes are also acceptable.) Male: closed-toes shoes only.

We understand you’ll be on your feet all night and will want comfortable shoes, so we aren’t enforcing a strict shoe policy. Please use your best judgment and the guidelines above.

Cosplaying? Keep your footwear within the spirit of what you’re wearing, even if you’re going for comfort.

All rules from the convention for cosplay also apply, meaning if it covers less then what you see at a public pool, it’s not allowed.

If you have any questions, just contact us at Admin@sdcon.org