High Voltage Fashion Show

Almost every year at SoDak Con, we have had a fashion show that has shown the newest fashions from some of the best designers. In 2014, Shareece Tatum, the Executive Director of SoDak Con, premiered her own line. IT was the kick off to something amazing! For the first time at SoDak Con, there will be a Design and Fashion Showcase. Here is your chance to get yourself and your designs out there!

How it works is that there are two rounds. The first round, is the submission period. For one month, you can submit your designs. All submissions will then be looked over, and only 12 will be picked by the judges. The Second Round is at the convention. For all of the submissions that make it to this round, the designer has to make the outfit. The cool thing is SoDak Con will provide the models, make-up artist and hairstylist. Then it’s the Fashion Show. After the Hot Topics Fashion Show all designers that have made it to the second round will have their designs walking down then runway. After that there will be two winners. One which will picked from the Judges of the showcase, and one from Audience Favorite. All Rules are below with the special Dates. Keep your eyes peeled when you can submit your designs and see them come to life.


1. Each Designer Can Only put in a max of three submissions. The Submitting Period will open on February 1st, 2018. Submissions will only be accepted until February 28th, 2018. Designers that submissions have been accepted to go onto round two will be contacted by March 1st, 2018.

2. By submitting designs, you are agreeing to make that outfit and have it ready for the fashion show during SoDak Con 2016. You also are agreeing to participate in the fashion show and it’s prep times. Failing to do either of these will result in you being automatically disqualified and barred from entering the following year’s competition.

3. All designs must be original. You may use a previous created character for your inspiration, but you must have made the outfit completely as an original design.

4. Requirements for Designs. All must follow SoDak Con’s dress codes. Meaning nothing less then what you would see at a public pool. Also, please think of the models and that they will have to walk a runway. It is not a requirement and won’t affect your chances of being picked, but having hair, make-up and details listed in the design are requested and encouraged.

All Questions must be submitted to FashionShow@sdcon.org