Hall Cosplay Rules

1. Clothing must be worn at all times. If you are wearing something that you could not wear to a public swimming pool then you will be told to leave to change into something more appropriate. All attendees must wear shoes and a form of upper and lower body covering at all times regardless of gender. No form of connecting garments can be worn between two people including but not limited to chains, ropes, leashes, or handcuffs.

2. Nudity, even the illusion of such, is strictly forbidden in both the halls and Costume Contest. This does not mean you can’t wear flesh-toned and/or opaque clothing to cover areas, but do not make them anatomically correct. In other words, don’t draw on any pink bits!

3. If you have to pull down or constantly adjust your costume to maintain basic requirements, you’re not wearing enough.

4. There will be no removing of articles of clothing for pictures or during the Costume Contest. If you need to have any sort of extra covering to adhere to the guidelines, it must stay on during the entire convention.
5. Outfits with trailing fabric, wings, or any oversized attachments or pieces should be worn with care. If you have an outfit you would like to show off that is rather extravagant in the sense of size you may not be allowed to walk through the halls for safety purposes. You may set up in one area for pictures but you should also make arrangements to be able to change at your convenience.

6. No random glomping, hugging, touching, or poking without warning or pursuing with unwanted attention. We do not want anyone feeling unsafe or for cosplay becoming damaged. Remember to ask before hugging or touching. If someone requests that you not touch them, please respect their personal space and admire from afar. Photobombing and disturbing other attendees is disrespectful and will be handled the same as Glomping.

7. Cameras and video cameras are welcome in and during the convention. Cameras are NOT allowed in the video screening room or dealer’s room. That said, please be aware that you may be caught on film while attending the convention. By buying a ticket and attending the various events you are agreeing to being filmed or photographed by attendees and staff.

8. There is a no real weapons policy at SoDak Con. No steel. No Air Soft. No Props that look like real weapons. If you have a prop of some sort it must be checked by Prop Check Table and will be peace tied by them after you sign the waiver. If you are caught abusing this privilege in any way that could endanger someone you will be dismissed from the convention. There will be some panels and demonstrations exempt from this rule, and these situations are the only exceptions. This is not just the conventions policies but also the Civic Center’s policies.