Artist Alley

Local/National Artists

Artists from area, along side nation wide artists selling their fantastic wares!

Major Draw

1500 attendee’s a day will agree, Artist Alley is a MUST VISIT Venue at SoDak Con

Special Access

Event Access*, Internet Access, and Free Power* for every Artist in the Alley

Table Contest

Earn passes for next year, special recognition, and more!

Artist Alley Waiting List

Amount of Tables

13 + 15 =

Important Dates

  •  Applications open on Friday, November 10th at 8am.
  •  Applications close on Friday, December 8th at Noon.
  • Confirmations and Contracts will be sent out by January 12th due to the Holidays.
  • Contracts will be due by February 14th, 2018.
  • SoDak Con 2018, Ten Years Strong will be June 29th thru July 1st, 2018

Details and Pricing

  • 1 Artist Alley Space comes with a8x3 table with 2 con passes. Each table will have a tablecloth and two chairs. Price=$100.00
  • Extra Artist Table. Max one extra table =$50.00
  • Extra Chairs=$2.00/each

Planned Hours of Operation (Subject to change)

  • Friday 12:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Sunday 11:00am to 5:00pm

Set up Times (Subject to change)

  • 8AM on Friday and then an hour before the day starts on Saturday and Sunday
  • Tear down is at 5pm on Sunday.

Days Until Doors Open








Things that changed for this year!

  • Extra badges are no longer discounted. They are the full price and can be purchased through Registration.
  • We now have two waiting lists. One for those that can set up the day of the convention and those who cannot. Any artists that are not checked in and setting up by 11am on Friday of the convention your table will be sold to the first person on the waiting list that is at the convention ready to set up. Failed check in will not be refunded and placed on a probation period.
  • We are adding a new touch of competition within the Artist Alley. We will be having a table contest that the winners will win a guaranteed spot in next year’s AA so they don’t have to go through the application process. Fee’s still apply. There will be a ‘Best in Show’. The Winner will receive a paid table and two badges to the following year’s convention.Throughout the weekend attendees, artists and staffers can pick their favorite artists from AA. Winners will be announced after the convention online. More information will be up soon.

Extra Information for Artists

  • SoDak Con’s Artist Alley is a juried artist alley. We have artist applications open for a month and after that all applications are juried on if they are confirmed for this year’s convention. Many things that can determine if application is accepted to name a few would be how well your examples show what you sell, if there are too many of similar artists, past interactions with SoDak Con or if they don’t fit the mission of SoDak Con. Every year we have double, sometimes even triple, the applications to the number of tables we have and we want to give everyone a chance to get into the Artist Alley.
  • Artist Alley tables are only available to artists displaying or selling original artwork, fan art, original comic, doujinshi, and fanzines. The sale of mass produced resale items etc., is not allowed from an Artists Alley table. The Artist Alley Department Head reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any merchandise or service that they feel is inappropriate.
  • Food and/or drink cannot be sold in Artists Alley.
  • Electricity and Internet are offered without charge but you must have your own extension cords and surge protectors.
  • While we understand that the Artist Alley is a busy and noisy place, we require appropriate noise levels. No yelling, obscene language, or general horseplay will be allowed. No music that can be heard past 5 ft from your booth. SoDak reserves the right to approve the setup including TVs, speakers, tables, etc. Also, staff is allowed to restrict what can be heard and viewed outside of your area.
  • A note on helpers and adding/subtracting Artists to your table: If you want to have someone join your table as an artist after registration is over, email the Artist Alley Area Head with samples and information. Additions will be considered on a case by case basis. If you have someone leave your group, just send a quick email notifying the Artist Alley Area Head. Adding people to sell without permission will result in all members being banned for a year. You can add helpers to watch your table without getting them approved, but they cannot sell any of their own products. All table members, occupants, and helpers are accountable for following the rules, no exceptions.
  • You must have a website with examples of what you are selling at SoDak Con. Websites can be a Facebook business page, a Tumblr, a Pintrest, an Etsy, a DeviantArt, a personal website or any other great examples of what you are selling. If found selling things other than your application you will be put on a probation period per the Department Head. If you do not have any examples of what you will be selling you will not be considered and disqualified to be in Artist Alley this year.
  • Once confirmed contracts will be sent to Artists and payments will be due within 30 days of the contracts being emailed. If payment is not received by the 30 days the booth will be released and given to the first person on the waitlist.
  • All questions and directions about Artist Alley can only come from Knoah Calvert, the Department Head, or his staff. No exceptions.


 For any other questions email

Please note: Details subject to change. SoDak Con Ten Years Strong retains the right to accept, refuse, or deny artists at anytime. SoDak Ten Years Strong exists to create a fun, safe, and positive experience for all staff, vendors, and attendee’s. Any Actual or Perceived actions creating an environment otherwise will be reviewed resulting in potential non-refundable suspension, or permanent expulsion from any and all SoDak Con Sponsored Events.